Who's the conference for?

The event is for anyone who has an interest in the wonderful world of digital and the web. The speakers and topics will be of interest to designers, developers, small and large businesses, individuals and agencies. We are sure that, whatever your level of knowledge you will find all of the sessions enjoyable and informative.

Just think how the online and digital world plays a huge part in our lives right now, whether personally or through work. If you love the web and technology, you'll love the event.

Why is it happening?

Having attended some superb events around the country, it was time for East Yorkshire and Hull to step up and host an event to be proud of. Last year we ran HDLive09 and people loved it. We aim to be even better in 2010.

We are planning an event that brings people together, excites, inspires, creates new relationships, and most of all, gives people the opportunity to see superb speakers, who are all experts in their fields. What's more, it's local so you don't have to travel huge distances and incur big travel costs.

Looking after you

You're placing your trust and confidence in us to make sure you have a great day. This is something we take very seriously, so we want to make sure you feel welcome and catered for.

The Allam lecture Theatre and the University of Hull Business School is a venue perfectly tailored to us. There will always be someone on hand to listen and act.

The ticket price includes all your refreshments - yes, that also means you get a decent lunch too! And, the best news? No nasty coffee. We've got the very best, in our opinion with the mighty Hasbean team.


We've nine international speakers, from Stockholm to London, bringing a crop of experts and pundits for your listening pleasure.

We only have a day together, so there will be talks and questions from each of them, plus workshops over breaks and lunch.

Media enquiries

If you want to cover the event, then please do get in touch. You can email Jon here, or ring him on 07841 285 185.

We'd love you to be involved and promote the event, and we can help give you access to the speakers and attendees.

Who's behind HDLive?

Jon Moss is the founder of Hull Digital and the HDLive Conferences. He helps people, brands and businesses be more successful online and is the chief coffee maker at He is also co-founder of Hull Apps, developing iPhone and iPad apps (apps which help your business make more money, not just make rude noises). He loves skiing and cycling, and is a signed up member of the Apple fanboy club.

Twitter: @jonmoss

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