• 8.15am

    Registration / coffee

  • 9.00am

    Welcome - Jon Moss

  • 9.15am

    Nick Thompson (KC)

  • 9.25am

    Peter Barron (Internet Revolution)

    Peter is going to be talking about the Internet Revolution and Google's role in it, highlighting some of the extraordinary products and trends we are seeing.

  • 10.10am

    Matt Brown (Making as Thinking)

    Berg have been doing some wonderful projects over the past year, and Matt is going to be giving a glimpse of what really happens behind the scenes, as well as some personal projects Mag+ Digital magazines & Making Future Magic

  • 10.50am

    Refreshments & Workshop with Steve Leighton (Selling Mugs of Coffee Over the Internet)

    An insight into selling coffee over the internet using the array of social media tools, tools that can easily be adapted to fit any other business. Stephen Leighton owner of Has Bean Coffee Limited talks about the experiences of talking to customers and by talking not selling how you too can grow your sales.

  • 11.20am

    Simon Collison (Adaptive Systems for Multiple Devices)

    Simon will explore CSS media queries and other methods for creating incredibly flexible adaptive layouts for varying devices, viewports and orientations.

  • 12.05pm

    Andreas Carlsson (I wish I was named Charlie)

    The goal with the talk is to offer hands on tips as a business owner and as a freelancer/employee/individual on what you can do to lever your passion, expand your collaboration on a daily basis.

  • 12.50pm

    Lunch & Workshop with Jaan Orvet & Andreas Carlsson (Analog web UX - The no-hurdle approach)

    "We are both big fans of using analog" means to get UX work started, regardless of role or industry.

    A short and useful stand-up workshop that offers immediate knowledge and idea take-away. Grab a coffee and join Jaan and Andreas in the break.

  • 1.40pm

    Alistair Mitchell (The office of the future)

    Alastair will cover what factors are driving the explosion of enterprise 2.0, how social software is transforming the workplace and, which organisations are doing it right.

  • 2.25pm

    Sarah Parmenter (Slide to Unlock )

    Sarah will give you a springboard into iPhone User Interface Design and how you can delve straight into designing for this platform, as well as a look into real businesses who are accomplishing iPhone excellence and using the iPhone platform to their advantage.

  • 3.10pm

    Anand Verma (Innovation & Trends in the World of Advertising Media)

  • 3.55pm

    Refreshments & Workshop with Simon Collison (Personal Q & A)

  • 4.25pm

    Brendan Dawes (Thoughts from the lower-case now)

    In this session Brendan will talk about his hopes and fears, not for the future, but for the world we find ourselves in today, and how we design for the lower-case now.

  • 5.10pm


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